YMCA North Staffordshire Supergraphic (or, how to turn a problem into a promotional opportunity)

The main entrance reception (which is south facing) has a glass facade and measures twenty five square metres – the size of a large house! Even on bright days (and without direct sunlight) the glare from the light was overpowering, so this was a big problem for the client. Moreover, blinds were not an option due to the size of the window space.

The solution
We recommended the installation of a printed supergraphic, mesh material which is applied to the (exterior) glass surface. Looking out from the inside nothing can be seen – in fact the glass if anything appears tinted, but from the outside the impact of the printed image is significant. We identified a number of potential photographic options, before settling on the basketball image. The fact that Lewis (YMCA Engagement Worker) was wearing a t-shirt with the slogan ‘give youth a future‘ did help with the choice. Thanks Lewis! The positive opportunities message and an outline of key services was added to the design.

The result
Light in the reception area was reduced by approximately 50% – thereby eliminating the glare and the problem. Reception staff no longer need to wear sunglasses! In addition to this, the main entrance now has the ‘wow’ factor, and an enegrised message about active youth, what the YMCA stands for, and what it provides is clearly communicated.

Many thanks to Signlex for their help with the installation and also to Matt Priestley for his amazing photography.


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