Up to the job for Manor Scaffolding

We’ve been working closely with Manor Scaffolding for some time now and the new identity is coming together.

‘Up to the job’ is the strap-line we created – a metaphor for the construction of safe access platforms and also communicating a positive message about the Company’s capability.

The logotype works as a roundel – a ‘contained’ device which symbolically represents the cross section of a steel (scaffolding) tube. It also creates a ‘seal’ of quality endorsement. The colours (blue and grey) were developed from an existing palette, though a darker blue was chosen in order to signify a more established business, and the grey replaced with a metallic silver, which again is indicative of steel. These two colours are a classic combination.


The new identity has been applied to:
Vehicle livery
Scaffolding banners
Press advertising.

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