The smallest brochure we’ve ever designed!

YMCA North Staffordshire has done so many innovative things.

One such example was to tie-up with the NHS in Stoke-on-Trent (which they did a few months ago) to create a Youth Health Zone, an on-site clinic where young people could call in for a free health check and address any medical concerns.

The initiative works on a number of levels;

  • Young people are registered with the NHS. (Since the Youth Health Zone was opened, more than 450 young people are now registered).
  • Young people stay healthy.
  • Young people are encouraged to engage with sport at the Activity Centre.
  • Lengthy and unnecessary trips to A&E are avoided. It can therefore focus on genuine emergencies, thereby saving costs and making it more efficient.

In order to help launch this initiative, Tilley and Associates created a ‘mini-identity’ for the YMCA Youth Health Zone. This sub-brand has its own visual language, with a distinctive colour palette (using lime green and a deep turquoise) and use of the medical ‘+’ symbol which incorporates photography.

To help engage the young audience we designed a 12pp brochure – the format being ‘business card’ size (55 x 85mm) so that it could be easily slipped into a wallet, or purse. The brochure provides some tips and advice about keeping fit and healthy and the services available at the Youth Health Zone. There is also information about other walk-in health centres. The brochure had slimline button magnets applied to the inside front and inside back covers. This not only ensured that it would snap shut but more importantly that it could be applied to a fridge – acting as a ready reference point.

You can have an interactive read of the document at In addition to designing the brochure, we also applied the identity to:

  • Vehicle livery
  • a3 posters and flyers.

We’ll post the pictures of the vehicle once they arrive.


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