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Tilley and Associates appointed to Buxton Festival Fringe

We’re delighted to be working with the arts sector once again and supporting the famous Buxton Fringe. Find out more…

Mapping the University of Derby

I’ve been lecturing at the University for three years now. This semester I was asked to design some promotional literature for the degree course and the students…

The smallest brochure we’ve ever designed!

We have helped launched the YMCA Youth Health Zone in Stoke-on-Trent, creating a distinctive mini-brochure, vehicle livery and marketing materials.

Up to the job for Manor Scaffolding

We’ve refreshed and updated the corporate identity for Manor Scaffolding. Simply click on the heading above to
find out more.

Homelessness: research report launched

We’ve had a few frantic weeks here, with several projects all having the same deadline!
One of these was a 48 page report about Homelessness in Stoke-on-Trent ‘Losing and finding a home; homelessness, multiple exclusion and everyday lives’.

YMCA North Staffordshire Supergraphic (or, how to turn a problem into a promotional opportunity)

We’ve created a number of large format ‘supergraphics’ in the past, what’s different about this one is that there is also a functional advantage – light and glare from the light in the reception area is reduced by 50%

YMCA North Staffordshire ~ site signage

We’ve designed and implemented all site signage for YMCA North Staffordshire, a key part of the rebranding and marketing brief. This includes external, internal, directional and locational signs around the site and to three separate buildings.

Rebranding YMCA North Staffordshire

We have recently completed a significant body of design and marketing work for the YMCA in Stoke-on-Trent. This includes everything from re-designing their logotype, to a new website and site signage.

The Letterpress Renaissance and work for The Vegetarian Society

Letterpress appears to be making something of a comeback – the design press seems to be full of examples of this work at the moment. To add to this, we’re currently working on a self-promotional piece for Tilley and Associates, which will soon be printed using letterpress. (Watch this space!)

2010 – The year at a glance

As our new website has just gone live, it’s probably a bit late to be reflecting upon last year. However, there are a number of projects which are on-going and since it’s also been our first year of trading, there is some work we have to mention!